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Monthly Subscription Pricing Plans:

$9.95/month for up to 500 Megs*
Typical compression is about 9 to 1 for most files, so you will be able to store up to 4 Gigs of uncompressed data.

For additional storage:
Add $14.95/month per Gig (up to 20gigs)

If you have storage needs for more than 20 gigs, below are our bulk storage fees:

21 - 39 Gigs $300/month
40 - 59 Gigs $400/month
60 - 79 Gigs $500/month
80 - 99 Gigs $600/month
100 - 119 Gigs $700/month
120-more Gigs $5.88/gig per month

Personal Recovery CD Pricing:

$20/ per CD. Click to learn more...

Have questions?? Click the FAQ for more information about how DataStash works.

Need "step by step" instructions on getting started with DataStash?? Click "Take a Tour"...our Flash Demonstration on how to install and use the DataStash Backup Service.

What are you waiting for?? Click 15 Day Trial to keep your valuable computer data safe and secure.


*There is a one time set up fee of $29 per computer.


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